Live ambient and experimental music paired with monster, horror, and sci-fi B-movies! Oh, my!

27,000 Hours from First Contact

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From the SYNPROV CORP. mission at DAT Music Conference in Missoula Montana on 8.13.2014

Mission personnel:

Mr. Projectile
Kris Moon
Brian Oblivion

Visuals: Leo Mayberry (Killing Frenzy Visuals)

Photo by: John Templeton

Gel-Sol :: Live at Teatro de la Psychomachia

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Live, improvised performance at Teatro de la Psychomachia in Seattle, WA, January 25th, 2014. Leo Mayberry on visuals and audio samples.

Monster Planet — Year One

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We have multitrack recorded every moment of every show for the past 2 years, in order to capture those moments of sonic synchronisity when the 5 unrehearsed musicians on stage all lock into the same vibe and something truly wonderful flows from the speakers. “Monster Planet — Year One” is a collection of some of our favorite moments from the first 12 shows. Enjoy!

A Very Monster Planet Christmas

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From our zombie-hearts to yours, please enjoy this slice of holiday jambience.